Town in the beautiful greenery of the mountain forest (Slavkovský les)

Mariánské Lázněm that means beautiful spa parks , romantic colonnades, charming pavilions, pleasant cafes and cozy hotels. The town is endowed with many healing mineral springs and revels in a unique atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to soak up this atmosphere. It is a place where history meets today and where a  pleasant holiday means everything from spa relaxation through to actively participating in sports & walks and finally ending your day relaxing to a variety of entertainment programs.

  • Ambrose Spring (Ambrožův) – After the Abbot Ambroz of Tepla
  • Cross Spring (Křížový) – because of a carved wooden cross that stood beside the spring
  • Rudolph Spring (Rudolfův) – crown prince and heir of Franz Joseph I. – Rudolf
  • Mary Spring (Mariin) – because of an image of the Virgin Mary hung near the spring

Freely accessible springs:

  • Cross Spring (Křížový)
  • Rudolph Spring (Rudlfův)
  • Karolina Spring
  • Ferdinand Spring
  • Forest Spring(Lesní)
  • Ambrose Spring (Ambrožův)
  • Anthony Spring (Antonínův)
  • Parish Acidulous Waters (Farská kyselka)
  • Alexandra Spring
  • Pirate Spring (Pirátův)


Phone: +420 734 449 731 Klimentov 132, Velká Hleďsebe, CZ 35301 Mariánské Lázně